We are aware that all our corporate activities are effecting the environment in some way. Hence, we strive after balancing our economical objectives with our sustainability goals. And sustainability means to us more than just “green labels” and meeting minimum requirements. In order to take all relevant aspects into consideration we took up the UN Sustainable Development Goals and selected those on which our activities may have an effect.

Various Goals - One Mission

Even if we can only contribute to a limited degree to the achievement of the – for us relevant – UN Sustainable Development Goals No. 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12 and 13, we will try the best possible and won‘t hide behind any labels. We want to relentlessly improve, as we know that there is no finish line…


It is important to us not only to know the processes, but also to steer them ourselves. This is the only way we can continuously develop the sustainable standards in the long term and also personally accompany and ensure them. With this in mind, when choosing our production facility, we chose what we believe to be the most advanced and innovative production facility in the sports industry and concentrated our production there.

Human Factor

Goals 3,5,8

Despite computer-controlled systems, the human factor is still the decisive factor in the production of functional clothing – from the skilled craftsmanship of the seamstresses to the programmer on the printing system. For this reason, fair pay and flawless working conditions are a basic requirement for us.

State-of-the-art Technology

Goals 6,9,12,13

State-of-the-art systems are not only important for efficiency and precision, but also for clean production without polluting the environment. For example, the new screen printing system with completely filtered wastewater that is reuseable.

Material Selection

Goals 12,13

In addition to the functional properties, the ecological aspects are decisive for us when choosing our materials. We are increasingly trying to use natural, renewable fibers from certified organic cultivation. If we use polyester or nylon fibers, they are recycled materials.

Durable Products

Goals 6,9,12,13

Better a really good snowboard jacket that you can enjoy for a long time … because the most environmentally friendly snowboard jacket is not a new jacket. That is why we try our best in this regard – by the way not only with snowboard jacket.