In the late 80s and early 90s when snowboards were so much cooler than skis among younger consumers, the apparel market was lagging behind. This inspired two young Swiss snowboarders, Thomas Meyer and Reto Kuster, to produce their own snowboarding outfits.

In the heat of the summer in 1995 they started to sew jackets and pants in the garage. The small volume production of 15 pieces each was made for their snowboarding friends. The idea was to create high performance garments that are stylish enough to be worn on the mountain slopes as well as in the cafes in the valley later on.

The innovation was not only to combine performance function and style in a unique way, but as well to make product and production as eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible.

The brand name „Zimtstern“ as label for the innovative line was witty and as well a reflection of the basic ideas: alpine pleasure in the winter season, homemade, best ingredients, exotic spice, made for friends.

Zimtstern Timeline

Zimtstern History
Zimtstern Founded

by Thomas Meyer and Reto Kuster

Zimtstern History
Zimtstern Flagship Store Opened

Opened its first flagship store in Munich

Zimtstern History
ISPO Award

ISPO Board Sports and Breakthrough BRAND OF THE YEAR Awardee

Zimtstern History
ISPO Award

Grabbed for the second time the ISPO Board Sports Award

Zimtstern History
Birth of MTB Line

Mountain Bike Line was Launched

Zimtstern History
Oelpool AG acquires Zimtstern

From the company founders

Zimtstern History
Closed Operations

Zimtstern Switzerland AG closed down operation

Zimtstern History
Re-Launched Zimtstern Europe

Re-Launched Zimtstern with new company structure


Our perfect Zimtstern World consists of mountains covered with snow in winter time and embellished with flowy trails in summer time. Gravity lets us shred downhill with adrenaline and style. This is our kind of natural fun that shall be sustainable forever...

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